Pig Island Sth 13-08-11
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[Pig Island Sth 14-02-15]


After a great dive on the Bombo and an exciting time frolicking with the seals we opted to finish off our air cylinders at Pig Island Sth.  All went well as we dropped over the side and the viz looked great.  But on starting our ascent we found the anchor rope nearly horizontal just under the surface.  I couldn't work it out and put it down to me putting a bit more rope out than needed. Eventually we found the anchor and heaps of fish all around us.  The schools of fish here are just massive and this day was no exception.  And in the course of our dive we were buzzed by another seal.  No cuttles or morays this dive, just lots of scholing fish all around us.

Our ascent was interesting.  We seemed to be following the anchor rope for quite a distance.  Back in the boat we realised what had happened.  My knot in the anchor rope had somehow come loose and the anchor rope had run out to it's end where it is looped around one of the bollards.  A lesson in checking your anchor is tied up properly.



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