Pig Island Sth 19-11-11
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[Pig Island Sth 14-02-15]


It was looking good for a trip down south so we put out the feelers and Josiah Firth and Ken Ridley heeded our call and met us at the Port Kembla boat ramp.  With the BOMBO off limits till later in the morning we made Pig Island our first stop.  We anchored easily and down we went in absolutely stunning viz..  The schools of fish were huge, Ken got some video which is on the club's facebook site.  There were moray a plenty, I followed a boxfish for a while as it meandered around the rocks.  Deeper down, at 22m more moray and a mourning cuttle - very cute.  I look up and across, at an angle I could clearly see the boat.  WOW, viz 25m+.

Back shallower and I can swim through the schooling fish - they just part to let me through.  There were plenty of bullseye and mowong, a few gropers, and much more.  We could have spent much longer here.  Ken made the comment he could comfortably do a double dive here.  I agree.


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