Toothbrush Island 04-08-07
Pig Island Sth 160906
Pig Island 11-11-06
Martins Islet 11-11-06
Martins Islet 30-12-06
Pig Island 30-12-06
Pig Island 10-02-07
Toothbrush Island 10-02-07
Toothbrush Island 04-08-07
Toothbrush Island 03-11-07
Pig Island Nth 03-11-07
Pig Island Sth 23-02-08
Toothbrush Island 11-10-08
Pig Island Sth 28-11-09
Pig Island Nth 28-12-09
Pig Island Sth 20-02-10
Pig Island Sth 27-03-10
Pig Island Sth 06-11-10
Pig Island Sth 27-11-10
Martins Islet 27-11-10
Martins Islet 04-12-10
Pig Island Sth 21-04-11
Martins Islet 16-07-11
Martins Islet 13-08-11
Pig Island Sth 13-08-11
Pig Island Sth 19-11-11
Martins Islet 19-11-11
Pig Island 14-07-12
The Pinnacle 24-11-12
The Pinnacle 29-12-12
Pig Island Sth 29-12-12
The Pinnacle 01-06-13
The Pinnacle 11-01-14
Pig Island Sth 14-02-15


  After such a great dive on the Bombo we went back into the harbour for a cuppa and to warm up.  Toothbrush was closest and we felt we would get good shelter from the SW winds on the far side of the island.  Back out across the choppy waters and it was calm, close the island on the North West side.  We put out both anchors in about 15m of water and over we went.  Out first destination was the cave.  Here we found plenty of fish including a damsel but also 2 hermit crabs.  Nothing big though (last time we found a huge bull ray in here).  We swam further around and followed the gutters that make this place so interesting.  We did get glimpses of a PJ but it did not settle anywhere, just kept swimming.  some nice chimneys amongst the rocks.  These are enclosed on 3 sides and rise from 15m to 10m.  Quite nice to swim up and see out across from shallow.  Viz was again great.  We spent 58 mins on air swimming around this very lovely part of the coast.


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