Martins Islet 27-11-10
Pig Island Sth 160906
Pig Island 11-11-06
Martins Islet 11-11-06
Martins Islet 30-12-06
Pig Island 30-12-06
Pig Island 10-02-07
Toothbrush Island 10-02-07
Toothbrush Island 04-08-07
Toothbrush Island 03-11-07
Pig Island Nth 03-11-07
Pig Island Sth 23-02-08
Toothbrush Island 11-10-08
Pig Island Sth 28-11-09
Pig Island Nth 28-12-09
Pig Island Sth 20-02-10
Pig Island Sth 27-03-10
Pig Island Sth 06-11-10
Pig Island Sth 27-11-10
Martins Islet 27-11-10
Martins Islet 04-12-10
Pig Island Sth 21-04-11
Martins Islet 16-07-11
Martins Islet 13-08-11
Pig Island Sth 13-08-11
Pig Island Sth 19-11-11
Martins Islet 19-11-11
Pig Island 14-07-12
The Pinnacle 24-11-12
The Pinnacle 29-12-12
Pig Island Sth 29-12-12
The Pinnacle 01-06-13
The Pinnacle 11-01-14
Pig Island Sth 14-02-15


We have done a very ordinary dive on Toothbrush Island and were looking for something to dive on before we headed home.  We looked at the breakwall but the backwash looked too surgy so we ventured across to Martins Islet.  To our surprise we saw a group of seals in the water on southern tip of the island.  We quickly anchored and swam back to the location of the seals.  We were not disappointed.  The seals came down and around us in singles, pairs and groups, doing loops, rolls and all other manner of amazing movements in the water.  We counted 15 in all - I have a pic where you can count 12 of them.

As we watched, one par, about 10 meters away appeared to be fighting with bared teeth.  Another stopped next to Wayne to have a scratch.  We watched a pair swim close together appearing to cuddle.  There were a number of pregnant females in the group.  The seals were curious about us but never threatening.  This was one of those magical dives that you just chance upon.  We both took video and stills in large quantities.


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