The Pinnacle 24-11-12
[Pig Island Sth 160906]
[Pig Island 11-11-06]
[Martins Islet 11-11-06]
[Martins Islet 30-12-06]
[Pig Island 30-12-06]
[Pig Island 10-02-07]
[Toothbrush Island 10-02-07]
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[Pig Island Sth 23-02-08]
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[Martins Islet 27-11-10]
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[Pig Island Sth 21-04-11]
[Martins Islet 16-07-11]
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[Pig Island Sth 13-08-11]
[Pig Island Sth 19-11-11]
[Martins Islet 19-11-11]
[Pig Island 14-07-12]
[The Pinnacle 24-11-12]
[The Pinnacle 29-12-12]
[Pig Island Sth 29-12-12]
[The Pinnacle 01-06-13]
[The Pinnacle 11-01-14]
[Pig Island Sth 14-02-15]


Jen joined Wayne and I on this dive at The Pinnacle off Port Kembla on November 24.  We had not dive this site before and had only just got the GPS co-ordinates.

It is an easy site to find with a bottom finder.  The sandy bottom is close to 30m and the top of the Pinnacle at under 20m. Where we anchored there is a small cave in an alcove of the wall, with the wall going away in both directions.  First thing we saw was a huge bull ray who had lost the stinger from his tail.  He was lying at the entrance to the cave.  We moved away after checking him out and over to a large boulder only a few metres from the cave.  There is a lot of growth here.  Then we headed a bit south and hit a thermocline and it got cold very quickly.  Jen as getting cold and the viz was not great, but this is a great dive site to explore further. As we prepared to ascend a group of divers from United Divers ascended.  Our last encounter with the bullray and Wayne got a bit close it took flight vertically up the wall. 

Very nice indeed



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