Malabar 24-04-10
Malabar Wreck 21-01-06
Malabar Wreck 28-01-06
Malabar wreck 17-02-07
Malabar wreck 20-09-08
Malabar 21-11-09
Malabar 24-04-10
Malabar 08-01-11
Malabar 19-02-11


 Our second dive on April 24, 2010 was on the Malabar.  Conditions were very flat and calm and we felt we could anchor close the engine.  We did a shallow dive using the left over air from our first dive.  Viz was excellent 15-20 metres.  We swam around a bit before we found the engine but once there we spent some time photographing it before unsuccessfully looking for the fly wheel. 

Once we had finished our dive (me with 16 bar left) we took the boat in closer to find the engine and mark in on the GPS.  I took to the water on snorkel and found the flywheel which we marked, and then a bit further NE the engine.  I was able to duck dive down to the engine at 6m.  It took a lot of effort in my semi dry without a weight belt and I was out of air when I hit the surface.