Malabar Wreck 28-01-06

January 28, 2006 we again planned to be at Magic Point but mother nature put large and sloppy seas in our path.  We had put the boat in at Long Bay which is a tricky ramp as it drops off sharply and is not too deep at low tide.  Having enjoyed the Malabar the previous weekend we decide to go there again and fine the main engine.  We anchored closer than the previous week and within minutes were on the wreckage.  Swimming along the shafts and past them we came upon the engine.  It is huge - we swam under it and between the shafts, and scouted the area but could find the propeller that is meant to be near by.  We did 2 dives here and enjoyed them both immensely.  Dives 196 and 197 with great viz again.

Malabar Wreck 21-01-06
Malabar Wreck 28-01-06
Malabar wreck 17-02-07
Malabar wreck 20-09-08
Malabar 21-11-09
Malabar 24-04-10
Malabar 08-01-11
Malabar 19-02-11




Wayne and "Yes Dear"

is this a flag pole

Old wives

Wayne with the wheel on the end of a smaller engine

and again

friendly cuttle fish

this is THE engine cranks

engine parts

Wayne beside the engine

engine in the distance - great viz

this is the shaft and gear wheel - Wayne standing beside it.

more pics of the engine

looking through the cranks

the cranks

a piston

grinning sgt baker

Eastern Devilfish

Eastern Devilfish

the same cuttle fish


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