Malabar Wreck 21-01-06
Malabar Wreck 21-01-06
Malabar Wreck 28-01-06
Malabar wreck 17-02-07
Malabar wreck 20-09-08
Malabar 21-11-09
Malabar 24-04-10
Malabar 08-01-11
Malabar 19-02-11


This dive, on January 21, 2006 was planned to be at Magic Point but mother nature put large and sloppy seas in our path.  We had put the boat in at Long Bay which is a tricky ramp as it drops off sharply and is not too deep at low tide.  We opted to anchor in Long Bay and dive the Malabar wreck, which I had done only once before.  Viz was excellent - easily 20m.  It was an easy swim from the boat which was anchored on the sand line, heading NE.  We found lots of wreckage as the photos below show.  We saw what looks like an engine block and la bit further away a large gear wheel and shaft that stands vertically and rises to 6m from the surface.  We also found some very long pieces of steel that are the drive shafts.  The wreck is in about 10m of water.  Maximum depth at the sand line is around 13m.  This was dive 194. We visited the Malabar again the following weekend.  Click here to see.


this rock had huge amounts of small fish around it

This is the same rock

Wayne in the distance. Viz was great.

bits of wreckage

these might have been capstans for anchor chains or bollards

Wayne with a very large chain link

the shaft and gear wheel from a distance

the shaft rises vertically to 6 metres from the surface. It's 8.6m deep at the base.

Wayne gives an indication of the size of this

looking up from the bottom

loose hull plates

these are large long and round shafts

there are 3 of these in this area

close up of the longest one

this one would be 20 metres or more long

what looks like an engine block

close up of one of the cranks

more hull plates


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