Malabar 21-11-09
Malabar Wreck 21-01-06
Malabar Wreck 28-01-06
Malabar wreck 17-02-07
Malabar wreck 20-09-08
Malabar 21-11-09
Malabar 24-04-10
Malabar 08-01-11
Malabar 19-02-11


 After Magic Point we headed into Long Bay and up onto the beach for a break.  Back out to the Malabar and when gearing up Jen gets sick and can't do the dive.  Wayne and I head off leaving Jen to rest in the boat.  Given the shallow depth we use the left overs from our first dive, still a good 95 bar for me.  We could not find the wreck, heading west when we should have gone east.  Doubling back we found wreckage, and a few minutes later the huge flywheel pointing up to the surface.  A bit further on we found the huge engine. It was very surgy but the visibility was excellent.  With air short we headed back, swimming shallow to conserve air.  I was down to less than 20 bar and close to the surface and could feel the air getting hard to breathe.  When there was no more I surfaced.  We were 100m from the boat and there was an outgoing current.  The surface swim back was hard and I had not taken my snorkel so had to swim on my back all the way to the boat.  Very tiring.