Malabar 08-01-11
Malabar Wreck 21-01-06
Malabar Wreck 28-01-06
Malabar wreck 17-02-07
Malabar wreck 20-09-08
Malabar 21-11-09
Malabar 24-04-10
Malabar 08-01-11
Malabar 19-02-11


The Malabar is an interesting piece of wreckage.  In shallow water we usually do it as a second dive using the remaining air from our first dive.  Today we had great viz, it wasn't too surgy and there was plenty of fish life around.  The Malabar can only be dived when the seas are very favourable. either very flat of coming from the north.  We visited the flywheel and the engine, the propeller (not from the Malabar) and another large wheel.  We also found a brass valve handle, badly corroded.