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After Magic Point the seas were getting up so we felt a safer bet was inside Botany Bay and Anchor reef was our pick.  The viz was very different to that at Magic Point but we know this area quite well.  We dropped down and headed roughly East, following the reefs across towards the cave at the end of the west side reef.  A weedie sea dragon feeding looked odd as it curved itself over (see pics).  We came across a cuttle sitting in the open on a rock.  We have seen this behavior before but have no idea what they are doing. We got to the cave and after a short while there followed the reefs back again.  We hit our anchor bang on. Dropping down to the sand we checked out the old admiralty anchor after which we have named this reef (Michael McFadyen names it as one of the Isolated reefs).  Compare the photo below to the one in the top left of this page.  It has deteriorated significantly in the past 4 years or so.

the anchor now

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