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It was a very poor weather day.  Winds forecast at 25km/hr, seas up around 2m, overcast and threatening to rain. We venture out of Kyeemah into the rough seas.  It is worst around the airport and much more stable closer to Bare Island.  Still the winds was strong.  We got the anchor in first time and down we went.  Securing the anchor, viz was about 5m, not good but enough for macro photography.  We quickly found a number of weedie sea dragons happily feeding.  I had 3 together at one stage but could not get a good camera angle on all 3.  A good number of nudies as well.  We had noted on the bottom finder what looked like another reef to the west of this one.  Using a reel we ventured west but at the extent of the reel's 50m found nothing but sand.

We had to be careful with the anchor at the end of the dive.  Normally we would sent it to the surface on a lift bag at this depth but with the winds as strong as they were the boat would have ended up on the rocks.  So we secured the anchor making sure that we could drive it off the reef and onto the sand.  This is exactly what we did and our dive day was over.

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