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After our dive at Magic Point we had a cuppa after anchoring at Anchor reef.  The viz looked bad, and the wind was howling making conditions topside quite uncomfortable.  We headed down in green tinged water.  Given the strong wind blowing we paid additional attention to securing the anchor.  Down to the sand line and around past the anchor we head toward the end of the reef.  A weedy sea dragon take our interest.  We pass a grill then come around the end of the reef.  On a small rock outcrop Wayne starts madly pointing at something very small.  On close inspection it is a pygmy pipe horse.  This is only the second one of these that I have seen.  It is very small and lucky that the viz is quite poor.  In poor viz we spend a lot more time on the macro.  In good viz we probably would not have seen it at all. We take turns getting pics.  As I set up for my next shot it jumps from one piece of plant to another.  If only I had been taking video.  We spend quite a bit of time here and eventually have to move on.  So even when the viz is poor you can fins something outstanding. 



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