Anchor Reef03 March 2008

MY 400th DIVE

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The seas were 3-4m, even in Botany Bay they were big.  This was our second dive for the day and my 400th.  We put out both anchors knowing that once one was free the other would certainly hook in as the boat was pushed by the big seas and winds.  We put a cross over line out as well, the idea being that Wayne would free the front anchor and I the back.  At the bottom it was very surgy and viz was only a few metres.  We found our anchor was at the East end of the reef. We headed along the reef to the anchor that we named this after.  Close to there we found a bone and under it a very sick Red Indian fish.  A PJ eluded my pics and then a bit further around a juvenile weedie sea dragon.  I don't know where young weedies hang out but we have only seen 2 or 3 in the past few years.  Another old anchor appeared out of the sand.  We headed back over the reef with not much more interesting to see.  I headed to the back anchor and after a bit of mucking around sent the back anchor up on my left bag.  At the surface, the boat was drifting towards the shallows and rocks so we had to power away with the anchors still suspended on the lift bags.  Not the best of dives for a 400th but mother nature is not being kind to divers at present.


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