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This was an interesting day.  We thought we could get out to Six Fathom Reef to recover an anchor that Wayne had lost there, and also check out Merries Reef.  On our way out we thought it strange that Sea Tamer was coming back in already with divers that id not  look like they had dived.  We got out to 6 fathom reef to find seas greater than 2m and quite a sloppy sea.  Quickly deciding that this was not for us we took the boat back out of the water and headed over to Botany Bay via AquaSea at Taren Point.  Putting the boat in at Foreshore drive we headed for anchor reef.  The sea was very sloppy and marginal but we felt OK with it.  After 3 tries to get the anchors to hold, down we went.  Viz was poor all the way.  We moved the anchor into the reef and secured it.  We found we had dropped almost right on top of the slate that we had left there, close to the biggest anchor on the reef.  The dive was great with cuttles, weedy sea dragons, groper, morwong, bullseye, and lots of other fun critters.  The fish are really friendly.  Towards the end of the dive we saw a large boar fish and to our delight a small PJ that was quite happy for us to be in it's face.

WOW!!  another great dive at Anchor Reef, despite the poor conditions.

this is a cuttle fish

truncate coralfish

truncate coralfish

truncate coralfish

anchors away

the same old anchors

biscuit star

lovely weedy sea dragon

here he is in open water

cuttle eggs

Sgt Baker at rest


old wives

boar fish

boar fish

young PJ

young PJ from behind

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