Anchor Reef09-05-09

 We had a sloppy low viz dive and Minmi, a rather choppy surface interval at Bare Island and hopes of better at Anchor reef.  The viz was better than Minmi but not great.  After securing the anchor we headed down to the sand line close the old admiralty anchor.  Here is a cuttle - not a large one putting on quite a display.  Why we don't know because we could see nothing that would cause this behaviour.  It would flash from camouflage colours matching the sandy bottom to bright reds.  It would charge forward stretched out, then stop suddenly and splay itself.  If it even knew we were there it took no notice of us.  Would have been great to video but the lighting was not good.  We headed round the end looking for the pygmy pipe horse but he was no where to be seen. Back around and a few weedie sea dragons fed out on the sand line.  My camera battery died about then.  I was using the generic battery and having taken very few pics was disappointed that it died.  It has the same rating as the Canon battery buy does not seem to last. 

So no more pics I decided to practice some skills.  I pulled out my SMB and dumped all the air from my BCD, then slowly inflated the SMB by mouth until I was neutrally buouyant.  This is a technical diving skill that I had not practiced previously.  I had the SMB clipped to my BCD crotch strap ring.  Orientation was interesting but it did work.  The trick is to keep the air bubble with the dump valve so that you can dump air when needed.  Having done this I deployed the SMB to the surface and reeled it in as we ascended. 

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