Anchor Reef11 March 2006


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Our second dive for the day after deciding that the seas were too big to go out the heads was this favourite.  We did this dive on 37% Nitrox, max depth 17.4m and average depth of 14.3m.  Total time was 56 mins including 3  minute safety stop.  Viz was poor but we found weedy sea dragons, groper, yellowtail, a delightful dwarf lionfish which we have not see here before.  Several cuttles large and small have moved in.  We hadn't seen any large cuttles here before. We found another old anchor in the sand and gently took it out and stood it upright against a rock.  Bullseye galore and heaps of other fish.  We headed East and were overjoyed to find 2 sea horses on a tulip at the end of the reef.  We could not find the anchor so did a blue water ascent and safety stop.

mourning cuttle

another view of the cuttle

close up of the cuttle

weedy sea dragon

large cuttle

an old tyre

dwarf lion fish

dwarf lion fish

dwarf lion fish

giant cuttle

not sure what this is

another old anchor that we found

biscuit starfish

giant cuttle's beautiful back

plant of some sort


sea horses

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