Kurnell 05-03-11
Kurnell 8-4-06
Kurnell Point 22-04-06
Memorial Wall 21-10-06
The Steps 16-02-08
Kurnell Deep wall 24-11-07
Kurnell Deep Wall 26-07-08
Kurnell Deep Wall 21-12-08
Kurnell 14-07-07
The Steps 07-07-07
Inscription Point 22-06-08
Kurnell 15-4-06
The Steps 28-08-10
The Steps 01-03-08
The Leap 28-10-06
Monument wall  22-03-08
Monument wall  24-02-08
Inscription Point 20-12-08
Inscription point 11-04-10
The Steps 30-05-09
Kurnell 05-03-11
Inscription Point 13-03-11
Inscription Point 16-04-11
Kurnell Deep Wall 14-05-11
Memorial Wall 14-05-11
Memorial Wall 04-12-11
The Steps 25-12-11
The Steps 30-11-13
The Leap  22-02-14
Kurnell Deep Wall 20-09-14


With big seas from the south and 25 km/hr winds dive sites are limited.  We headed across Botany Bay to Kurnell where we dived the steps looking for pipefish.  We found none but the viz was great, the water warm and calm and an 80 minute dive through this area was a joy.  We did find an nice octopus, a group of pygmy leatherjackets and some other schooling fish.  Our second dive as on the Memorial wall  This is a wall that runs East-West at around 10m just to the west of Inscription point.  The current was strong at the east end where we started but disappeared after 30-40m.  The wall has lots of overhangs that habour a variety of fish.  On this day we found a very large wobbie wedged into an overhang, 2 lovely pale coloured cuttles, and a frogmouth.  The viz was variable - good at the east end but deteriorating towards the west end.  Just off the wall are rocks with good plant growth.

This dive turned a bit nasty at the end.  I was climbing back into the boat when a large wave hit the side of the boat.  I was thrown out, hitting my head on the side of the boat and nearly losing my mask.  In scuba and without fins it was lucky I was close to the boat and I didn't hit my head harder - more a damaged pride than anything else.  Just goes to show what can happen unexpectedly.  I had my mask on, and my wing inflated and my reg still in my mouth - a wise precaution against being thrown out of the boat when climbing back in.  Lucky I was asn't thrown into the boat.  That would have caused me some serious damage.