The Leap 28-10-06
  We had planned to go to Port Kembla but with very big seas forecast a change of plan was required. Once again Kurnell was the choice when the seas and winds are rolling in.  We headed over a rough Botany Bay from Foreshore drive and found calm near The Steps.  We went a bit further East, just around the point to The Leap where it was still calm and flat.  First dive with ponies attached down to 21m was very good.  The boat was acnhored in around 15m but 10m or so to the North is a wall that drops down to the sand.  It harbours a .lot of life - more nudies than I've seen at one sight for a while, weedy sea dragons, lovely little cuttles and 2 fish that we had not see before, a velvet fish and a tassle snouted flathead.  both were quite content to sit where they were while we took some pics.  One was on our first dive here (271 for me) and the other was on our second.  First dive was good viz, calm waters and everything felt good.  We did collect a really good anchor on this dive.

I did my ascent and safety stop on my pony.  I started with 160 bar in it (it's a 2.7l alloy) and still had heaps when I surfaced.  Second dive was another matter.  At the bottom it was very surgy, viz was down to a few meters at best.  We again dived along the wall, seeking a bit of calm.  At 15 m we were being pushed at least a meter either way.  We decided to call it a day and found the boat on frothy white water.  We quickly weighed anchor and were out of there. 

Kurnell 8-4-06
Kurnell Point 22-04-06
Memorial Wall 21-10-06
The Steps 16-02-08
Kurnell Deep wall 24-11-07
Kurnell Deep Wall 26-07-08
Kurnell Deep Wall 21-12-08
Kurnell 14-07-07
The Steps 07-07-07
Inscription Point 22-06-08
Kurnell 15-4-06
The Steps 28-08-10
The Steps 01-03-08
The Leap 28-10-06
Monument wall  22-03-08
Monument wall  24-02-08
Inscription Point 20-12-08
Inscription point 11-04-10
The Steps 30-05-09
Kurnell 05-03-11
Inscription Point 13-03-11
Inscription Point 16-04-11
Kurnell Deep Wall 14-05-11
Memorial Wall 14-05-11
Memorial Wall 04-12-11
The Steps 25-12-11
The Steps 30-11-13
The Leap  22-02-14
Kurnell Deep Wall 20-09-14


rock cod

beautiful cuttle

chrysanthemum neodoris

the anchor that we recovered

another nudie


Wayne taking pics


lined nembrotha

lined nembrotha

2 starfish

this starfish was moving along the rocks

weedy sea dragon

biscuit starfish

weedy sea dragon

nudie - very pretty

this dragon has a stumpy tail

2 nudies


pygmy leatherjacket

pygmy leatherjacket

rock cod close up

tassle snouted flathead



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