The Steps 30-11-13
Kurnell 8-4-06
Kurnell Point 22-04-06
Memorial Wall 21-10-06
The Steps 16-02-08
Kurnell Deep wall 24-11-07
Kurnell Deep Wall 26-07-08
Kurnell Deep Wall 21-12-08
Kurnell 14-07-07
The Steps 07-07-07
Inscription Point 22-06-08
Kurnell 15-4-06
The Steps 28-08-10
The Steps 01-03-08
The Leap 28-10-06
Monument wall  22-03-08
Monument wall  24-02-08
Inscription Point 20-12-08
Inscription point 11-04-10
The Steps 30-05-09
Kurnell 05-03-11
Inscription Point 13-03-11
Inscription Point 16-04-11
Kurnell Deep Wall 14-05-11
Memorial Wall 14-05-11
Memorial Wall 04-12-11
The Steps 25-12-11
The Steps 30-11-13
The Leap  22-02-14
Kurnell Deep Wall 20-09-14


Heinz was back to dive with us after 2 months no diving with an illness.  Condtions on the surface were foul, strong winds whipped up the sea and anything outside of Botany Bay was out of the question.

We tucked into a spot near The Steps and dived west into the outgoing tide.  Lots of nudies, which Kurnell is famous for but not  a lot of other fish at all.  Close to our turning point we found a very large nudie.  I put my torch beside it for scale and it measured 85mm long (see the pic).

I spent around 35 minutes swimming west and 5 minutes drifting back to the anchor.  Dive over we decided to call it a day.  It was just too rough.