Inscription point 11-04-10


 On Sunday April 11, 2010 Jen and I had dropped my Mum at the airport and planned to dive at Bare Island.  Well at Bare Island there was no parking at all, so we opted to drive around to Kurnell.  No parking there either so we thought we would drift dive from the steps down to the point, leaving the car at the steps.  However, we headed back to the carpark (to use the toilets) and there was a parking spot which we took quickly. Entry was easy with the seas quite calm.  We headed North out to the sand line in good viz and nice warm conditions.  A weedie sea dragon held our attention and then a cuttle - too large to be a mourning and too small to be a giant cuttle.  We turned after 30 mins and returned slightly shallower before exiting where we had entered.  A lovely dive.