Kurnell Deep wall 24-11-07
Kurnell 8-4-06
Kurnell Point 22-04-06
Memorial Wall 21-10-06
The Steps 16-02-08
Kurnell Deep wall 24-11-07
Kurnell Deep Wall 26-07-08
Kurnell Deep Wall 21-12-08
Kurnell 14-07-07
The Steps 07-07-07
Inscription Point 22-06-08
Kurnell 15-4-06
The Steps 28-08-10
The Steps 01-03-08
The Leap 28-10-06
Monument wall  22-03-08
Monument wall  24-02-08
Inscription Point 20-12-08
Inscription point 11-04-10
The Steps 30-05-09
Kurnell 05-03-11
Inscription Point 13-03-11
Inscription Point 16-04-11
Kurnell Deep Wall 14-05-11
Memorial Wall 14-05-11
Memorial Wall 04-12-11
The Steps 25-12-11
The Steps 30-11-13
The Leap  22-02-14
Kurnell Deep Wall 20-09-14


  The weather was not looking good - a bit of drizzle, wind and the seas up a bit,  But the temperature was OK so we are hardy souls.  The headed across Botany Bay from Foreshore drive and out to the Kurnell deep wall. 

Anchoring in about 16m we were close to the sand line. The rock formations here are great.  Plenty of nudies, and while the viz was not great, it was more than acceptable.  We swam West along the sand line then up towards bigger and deeper rocks.  At 12m there are a number of guttters, overhangs and possible swim throughs.  Weedie sea dragons are common on the sand line here and we found one.  Many other fish including schools of yellowtail hung around.  Given the poor conditions above, the water was nice - 18oC. At the west most point of our dive the current had strengthened and we drifted back to the anchor.


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