Memorial Wall 14-05-11
Kurnell 8-4-06
Kurnell Point 22-04-06
Memorial Wall 21-10-06
The Steps 16-02-08
Kurnell Deep wall 24-11-07
Kurnell Deep Wall 26-07-08
Kurnell Deep Wall 21-12-08
Kurnell 14-07-07
The Steps 07-07-07
Inscription Point 22-06-08
Kurnell 15-4-06
The Steps 28-08-10
The Steps 01-03-08
The Leap 28-10-06
Monument wall  22-03-08
Monument wall  24-02-08
Inscription Point 20-12-08
Inscription point 11-04-10
The Steps 30-05-09
Kurnell 05-03-11
Inscription Point 13-03-11
Inscription Point 16-04-11
Kurnell Deep Wall 14-05-11
Memorial Wall 14-05-11
Memorial Wall 04-12-11
The Steps 25-12-11
The Steps 30-11-13
The Leap  22-02-14
Kurnell Deep Wall 20-09-14


The memorial wall is a shallow wall of 2-4m  in height running just off the flag poles at Inscription point. Depth here is not much more than 10m and viz is often variable.  On this dive the viz varied between 8m down to 3m.  Along the wall are lots of small crevices and you can often find interesting critters around.  This is largely a macro site so a close look is the way to go.  One of my victims was a hermit crab.  I carefully rested the camera on the rock that he was on and took lots of pics.  While here 2 divers sped past stirring up the silt.   I don't expect they saw anything at all.  A lovely nudie, common enough Conspicuous Polycera but in colours we had not seen before (see pic below).  Also a frog mouth hiding under a ledge made a good photo opportunity.  We spent an hour on this site, starting from one end of the reef and getting pretty much to the other end and back again.