Bare Island West 25-01-13
Bare Island 18-06-05
Bare Island 8-10-05
Bare Island circumnav
Bare Isl East 4-2-06
Bare Island West 28-12-06
Bare Island Deep Wall 07-10-06
Bare Island Bommie
Bare Island West 13-03-07
Bare Island West 15-03-07
Bare Island East 15-03-07
Bare Island Deep Wall 20-10-07
Bare Island Deep Wall 21-11-07
Bare Island East 28-11-07
Bare Island West 01-12-07
Bare Island Deep Wall 22-12-07
Bare Island circumnavigate 271207
Bare Island West 281207
Bare Island West 31-12-07
Bare Island 02-01-08
Bare Island Isolated Reef 19-01-08
Bare Island West 16-02-08
Bare Island Deep Wall 12-03-08
Bare Island Deep Wall 15-03-08
Bare Island Deep Wall 19-03-08
Bare Island East 30-03-08
Bare Island Deep Wall 26-07-08
Bare Island Bommie 29-09-08
Bare Island West 09-11-08
Bare Island 19-11-08
Bare Island 12-11-08
Bare Island 03-12-08
Bare Island 05-01-09
Bare Island 07-01-09
Bare Island West 02-03-09
Bare Island Deep Wall 11-03-09
Bare Island Deep Wall 18-03-09
Bare Island West 03-05-09
Bare Island West 15-11-09
Bare Island West 13-12-09
Bare Island Deep Wall 30-10-10
Bare Island West 11-11-10
Deep Wall 25-11-10
Bare Island West 19-10-11
Bare Island West 16-11-11
Bare Island East 11-01-12
Bare Island Deep Wall 27-12-12
Bare Island East 28-12-12
Bare Island West 25-01-13
Bare Island Deep Wall 25-05-13


Jen and I had enjoyed Shiprock so much we wanted another dive.  The logical choice was Bare Island.  We would have an outgoing tide but with flat seas and warm water we thought it would be good anyway.

We entered the water at the boat ramp around midday.  There was a reasonable number of divers around.  We chose the west reef to dive.  The east side was a bit lumpy and with an outgoing tide I did not fancy swimming under the bridge.  The outgoing tide also ruled out the deep wall.  The water was milky with viz 5 to 8 metres.  We went past the anchor and slowly made our way along the reef to the end.  We had heard there was a pygmy pipehorse at the overhang but we could not find it. 

There was not a lot of fish life, the usual gropers that get in your face.  Still a nice relaxing dive for both of us.  On the way back I was a bit north of the reef and came across the outboard motor.  This has been located out from the bridge but now has been moved to about 10m from the anchor.  I've been told that a Rescue and Recover course run by a local reputable dive shop moved it.


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