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First dive for 2012 is Wednesday after work.  With an incoming tide but howling winds from the SW it was interesting.  The wind driven waves on the west side were nearly big enough to surf on.  We entered on the east side and headed out to the sand line.  I found the swim out a bit hard but once we got to the sand line it got easier.  Not a lot to see as we headed south along the sand line.  Once we got to the more dramatic rocks we turned and came back.  Wayne saw and got a pick of a PJ but I missed it.  I did get a nice pic of a small rock cod, and a group of small nudies.  Further along was a pygmy leatherjacket.  We then found the pointed rock that points out toward the anchor.  We followed that line and found the anchor easily.  It's hard to identify as it is covered in weed.  Back at the sand line there is not a lot in the cave and channel.  Rounding the corner we come across a moray which came out of it's hole when we put the torch on it and then receded when we removed the light.

We then headed across to the east side of the mainland and exited there after 76 minutes diving.  Temp was a nice 21 but viz was under 5m.





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