Bare Island Deep Wall 27-12-12
Bare Island 18-06-05
Bare Island 8-10-05
Bare Island circumnav
Bare Isl East 4-2-06
Bare Island West 28-12-06
Bare Island Deep Wall 07-10-06
Bare Island Bommie
Bare Island West 13-03-07
Bare Island West 15-03-07
Bare Island East 15-03-07
Bare Island Deep Wall 20-10-07
Bare Island Deep Wall 21-11-07
Bare Island East 28-11-07
Bare Island West 01-12-07
Bare Island Deep Wall 22-12-07
Bare Island circumnavigate 271207
Bare Island West 281207
Bare Island West 31-12-07
Bare Island 02-01-08
Bare Island Isolated Reef 19-01-08
Bare Island West 16-02-08
Bare Island Deep Wall 12-03-08
Bare Island Deep Wall 15-03-08
Bare Island Deep Wall 19-03-08
Bare Island East 30-03-08
Bare Island Deep Wall 26-07-08
Bare Island Bommie 29-09-08
Bare Island West 09-11-08
Bare Island 19-11-08
Bare Island 12-11-08
Bare Island 03-12-08
Bare Island 05-01-09
Bare Island 07-01-09
Bare Island West 02-03-09
Bare Island Deep Wall 11-03-09
Bare Island Deep Wall 18-03-09
Bare Island West 03-05-09
Bare Island West 15-11-09
Bare Island West 13-12-09
Bare Island Deep Wall 30-10-10
Bare Island West 11-11-10
Deep Wall 25-11-10
Bare Island West 19-10-11
Bare Island West 16-11-11
Bare Island East 11-01-12
Bare Island Deep Wall 27-12-12
Bare Island East 28-12-12
Bare Island West 25-01-13
Bare Island Deep Wall 25-05-13


Gotta love work days between Christmas and New Year.  Not much happening at work early so a dive is the best way to start the day.

We choose to dive the Deep Wall, a dive that we have done many times before.  We walked out to the end and assessed the small waves as being easy enough to get through.

We sat on ledge that was just getting a bit of wash on it so that we could get fins on.  But then a larger set of waves came through and smashed us.  Wayne lost one fin and it washed back out to sea.  I got tumbled but managed to steady and get my fins on.  I walked carefully forward and put my foot straight into a hole up to my calf. Fearing another wave would come and smash us again I managed to pull my leg back out of the hole.  I think that if I had fallen or been knocked by a wave I would have broken my leg.

I got in quickly and looked around for Wayne's fin but could not see it.  Wayne chose to do the dive with only 1 fin on.  We headed out over and down to the wall and then meandered along it, heading back up to the west reef, around the reef and then back to the ramp on the island. 

Overall a lovely dive with a rough start.


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