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Wayne was off to England for work this weekend.  He did do a dive in an English quarry.

Jen had dived Bare Island West and the deep wall a few times but not the East side, which I consider the prettier side.  IN perfect calm conditions we giant strode into the water, heading east.  Once we had some depth under us we did our descent and headed for the sand line.  First surprise was a juvenile weedy sea dragon.  Very cute they are.  We headed along through the rocks, looking in the caves and overhangs.  The usual groper came out to greet us.  Lot of the normal life, nudies, wrasse, bullesye and stripeys.  There was little current under the bridge so we were able to easily swim through and explore the other side before exiting at the ramp.  During our surface interval another diver had commented on the huge giant cuttle under an overhang.  Se we did our second dive there so Jenny could see the huge giant cuttle.  It was where I expected it to be, in a deep overhang where there are many bullseye.  It was not that big, but did come closer to us after a few minutes.  We also watched an octopus crawl out and under some rocks in the same area.  Very interesting.  As we had entered further North than last time we swam across the turn to the bridge and over to the North side.  We spent about 10 mins here before heading back under the bridge and out at the ramp.

As we walked across the bridge a young girl ask me if I could go back in and get her towel which had fallen in.  I gave Jen as much of my gear as I could and re entered near the bridge.  The towel was easy to find, but by now the current was strong under the bridge and I started to cramp swimming against it.  The young girl got her towel back and I was no worse in the end.





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