Valiant 20-10-11
Valiant 19-06-10
Valiant 20-10-11


Again we do a double wreck dive - the Birchgrove Park and the Valiant.  Our anchor was nicely placed on the port side of the wreck and not moving at all   A quick swim around and the down inside.  A cuttle sat under some metal parts but did not want to come out.  Some one has added some unwanted metal parts.  What were clearly aluminium casings, maybe a bell housing or gearbox housing have dumped inside the wreck.  These had no growth at all on them so had not been there for very long.  Very sad what some people will do.

During our surface interval a young fisher in a nearby boat hooked a juvenile bronze whaler. After the obligatory photos he let it go again.

The Valiant is a good second dive using up the remaining air in twins (which I did with stage).



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