Minmi Trench 22-11-08
Minmi Trench 01-07-06
Minmi Trench 10-03-07
Minmi Trench 07-07-07
Minmi Trench 21-06-08
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Minmi Trench 24-02-07
Minmi Trench 22-11-08
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West Minmi 4-3-06
Minmi Trench 18-01-14
Minmi Trench 15-05-14


An interesting morning.  We arrived at Kymeeah boat ramp and there was almost no one there.  A good bit of wind and high clouds moving quickly.  Once we got out of the little basin we hit the wind.  It was not too bad and the sea was flat bar the small chop.  It was still good as we got close to the heads of Botany Bay.  We decided not to chance going North along the coast and anchored at Minmi trench.  First thing we noticed when we hit the water was the strong current running out.  Next was the temperature and the poor viz.  At the bottom it was 14oC.  The viz was about 5m.  We followed the trench west.  We went as far as the boulders where the terrain changes from mostly following the wall to scattered boulders.  This is still at around 22m.   On 30% EAN we get some good bottom time.  Back at the anchor we filled the air bag enough to lift the anchor and hung on for dear life and the conditions above pushed the boat out to sea.  Once we had completed our safety stop  we could see how far the wind had pushed the boat.  And the seas were now very sloppy and the wind approaching gale force.  We had a cuppa in Freshmans Bay but the conditions continued to deteriorate so we called it a day.  The trip back was rough with the seas crashing over the boat at times.



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