Minmi Trench 21-06-08
Minmi Trench 01-07-06
Minmi Trench 10-03-07
Minmi Trench 07-07-07
Minmi Trench 21-06-08
Minmi Trench 20-10-07
Minmi Trench 24-02-07
Minmi Trench 22-11-08
Minmi Trench 09-05-09
Minmi Trench 10-12-11
West Minmi 4-3-06
Minmi Trench 18-01-14
Minmi Trench 15-05-14


Mother nature was putting up some solid seas out in the wide ocean so Botany Bay had to be the place to get a dive in.  We ventured out thinking that Kurnell would be our only choice but at Minmi it was relatively flat.  Not far away at Cape Banks the seas were really rolling in.  We anchored at our favourite spot and at the bottom looped the anchor chain around a rock.  The viz was quite good but the fish life a bit scarce.  We came across 5 young PJs under a ledge, and a Beechers devilfish.  We had expected to see more.


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