Minmi Trench 01-07-06

Minmi Trench 01-07-06
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We had read about Minmi Trench and it had interested us.  So on July 1, 2006 we headed out from Long Bay around the head and south into Botany Bay.  Minmi trench is just inside Botany Bay on the south side of Cape Banks.  Conditions were near perfect so down we went and headed North.  The sand is at 24m but the rock formations  come up to around 12m.  The area has large boulders, small caves and overhangs, kelp, sea tulips and "trenches" that are big enough to swim through.  We had a wonderful encounter with 3 giant cuttles. One of them was quite intrigued with Wayne (don't know what it saw in him).  There were lots of other fish around and 2 PJs. I got right along side one towards the end of the dive.  It's good to see PJs back again.  My max depth was 23.8m with a total dive time of 53 mins.  I just hit deco on my computer and endured a 4 minute safety stop at 5m.  Dive 245 was a beauty.

lovely PJ

sea tulips

Wayne & fish

old wives

Beechers devilfish



PJ under a rock


cuttel dancing with Wayne

clearer pic

getting close


smaller cuttle

rock cod

got close to this one


container ship


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