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The seas were not favourable to get out of the Bay.  We checked out Bypass reef but it was too rough so we settled for Minmi which is always nice.  With an incoming tide we expected good viz.  Sea John was also out and about but they decided to go to M&K reef.

I was using Jen's camera - Canon G11 in a 10bar housing with INON strobe.  My housing I also took down and tied it out on the sand to test it for leaks after it's flood last week.  We worked every button very roughly and not a leak so we headed off down the trench.  Viz was around 10m.  Not a lot to see other than a large cuttle that was happy to float and let us interact with it.

We looked for the sea horses that Wayne had seen here before but could not see them.  Back at the housing I gave all the buttons and knobs a go and got a small trickle on one button on the backplate.  Nothing like the major flood that it had last week.  When I got the housing it had a very substantial tether mounted to the backplate.  The other end of this is clipped to a D ring on my backplate.  However, if you put enough pressure on the main part of the housing it is possible to pull the housing away from the backplate and water will come in.  This must have happened when it flooded.  Now the 2 tethers are on the tray to which the housing is mounted.



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