Minmi Trench 10-12-11
Minmi Trench 01-07-06
Minmi Trench 10-03-07
Minmi Trench 07-07-07
Minmi Trench 21-06-08
Minmi Trench 20-10-07
Minmi Trench 24-02-07
Minmi Trench 22-11-08
Minmi Trench 09-05-09
Minmi Trench 10-12-11
West Minmi 4-3-06
Minmi Trench 18-01-14
Minmi Trench 15-05-14


We hadn't dived Minmi trench for a long time.  The seas were up and the south side of Botany Bay was being pounded and no where along the coast looked diveable.  So December10, 2011 we chose Minmi.  We anchored perfectly, right on the sand line beside the trench.  After securing the anchor we headed west along the trench.  The viz was fantastic.  I stopped to take some pics and lost Wayne and Heinz but given this site where you follow the trench it was not hard to find them again.  There were several morays, and upon our return we came across 2 weedies.  Both Wayne and I got some great pics of them.