Annie M Miller 31-07-10
SS Annie M Miller 11-08-07
SS Annie M Miller 27-10-07
SS Annie M Miller 28-06-08
SS Annie M Miller 18-10-08
Annie M Miller 10-01-09
SS Annie M Miller 28-03-09
Annie M Miller 09-01-10
Annie M Miller 31-07-10
Annie M Miller 25-06-11
Annie M Miller 02-06-12


   This was Wayne's 600th dive.  After diving Magic Point and a suitable 1.5hr surface interval we dropped over the side to the Annie M Miller.  During our surface interval over the wreck site we had drifted out to sea, but once the anchor was out we held fast.  At the bottom the anchor was actually 10m from the wreck in the sand.  We dragged it over and secured it to the wreck.  I took the obligatory 600th pics in front of the boiler then we explored.  On the rear stern section were 2 moray eels in the same hole.  They made a nice pic.  Around the stern we went and then back over the top of the boiler where a small wobbiegong rested.  We swam right to the 'bow' of the wreck.  Most of this is flattened but there is more exposed than we have seen in previous dives.  The viz  was excellent.  We spent 22 mins on the bottom and using 27% Nitrox back gas and 50% Nitrox for decompression we had a 65 minute total dove time.





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