SS Annie M Miller 18-10-08
 A perfect day for diving on October 18, 2008.  We put the boat in at Kymeeah this time as the new channel at Foreshore drive is very slow to navigate and we felt Kymeeah would be better.  It's  a long run up to the Annie M Miller, but the seas were kind and not much wind.  When we got the Scubaroo was anchored and had divers preparing to enter the water.  We tried to tie up to her but the lack of current and fickle wind meant we kept bumping into her.  We elected to anchor slightly SW of her.  At the bottom our anchor was very close to hers on the SW end of the wreck, but no risk of them getting tangled.  Viz was great and fish life prolific, especially moray eels.  They were everywhere.  The usual nanniegae and pike and many other species.  She really is a nice wreck and worth many a visit.
SS Annie M Miller 11-08-07
SS Annie M Miller 27-10-07
SS Annie M Miller 28-06-08
SS Annie M Miller 18-10-08
Annie M Miller 10-01-09
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