Annie M Miller 10-01-09
 Another great diving day.  The seas were up a bit but the new Barcrusher took it in her stride.  We hooked in first time and found we were hooked into the mast mid ships.  Viz was fantastic.  At 22m we could see the wreck on the bottom and the boat on the surface. It doesn't get any better than this.  At the surface as we were hooking in Peter Fields arrived with a few divers on board.  Having tried to hook up several times he elected to wait for us to complete the dive.  There was so little wind and current that when had finished our deco stop we were still sitting right on top of the wreck, making it impossible for Peter to hook in.  Thankfully he was patient and we thank him for that.  The wreck was superb.  A lovely wobbie resting in from of the boiler was a great subject.  A lovely dive and we would have liked to stay longer.
SS Annie M Miller 11-08-07
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Annie M Miller 10-01-09
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