Annie M Miller 25-06-11
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Annie M Miller 25-06-11
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   We dive the Annie roughly once  a year.  It's a long way from the Foreshore road boat ramp and the sea has to be fairly flat.  To be truthful it's not the best wreck dive around Sydney, the Tug is much better.  But June 25 we did head to the Annie to see how she was.  As we pulled up a seal surfaced, and while we were setting up it played with the float on the end of our mermaid line.  Water was really clear, that blue colour that you get in the tropics.

Down we went and for a short period the seal swam around is but as we got deeper it disapperared.  At 25m I looked and could clearly see the boat.  WOW.  At the bottom we could not see the wreck.  What we could see was a huge cloud of fish that covered the wreck.  Our anchor was 10 off the wreck in the sand.  Once we had secured the anchor on the wreck we swam around the front of the boiler and towards the back.  The Annie has no stern to speak of. We headed forward , almost pushing the fish out of the way.  Heading to the bow and then around back to the anchor we counted 10 wobbiegongs.  Most were juvenile, although there were a couple of large adults.  This was a lovely dive in perfect conditions.






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