SS Annie M Miller 28-03-09
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SS Annie M Miller 28-03-09
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   Autumn is part gone and the diving is good with the water still warm (at least at shallower depths).  It's a long haul from Kyeemah to the Annie but the bar crusher handles it well.  Easy anchoring we find we have ended up 10m to the south of the wreck so we drag the anchor across and secure it.  We are on the starboard side of the wreck and swim towards the boiler.  There sits a nice wobbie.  After a few pics he gets a bit agitated so we move on an leave him to his rest.  We swim around the stern and forward on the port side, past the remaining ribs and to the front.  Turning there we find a juvenile wobbie resting and Wayne sees a fiddler ray which eludes his lens.  All too soon we are at our turn point and we send the anchor up to the surface, using the cross over line for our ascent and deco stops. 

After the dive we head into Sydney Harbour and over to Plunge diving in Chowder Bay to drop my stage regs in - they have developed a leak behind the DIN fitting.  A large Navy refueller is moored at the Navy base, tied to the wharf and the 2 large buoys that normally sit quietly in the water but now are stretched out toward the ship.

Navy refueller at Chowder Bay

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