SS Annie M Miller 28-06-08
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Annie M Miller 02-06-12


  We hadn't done the Annie M Miller in some time and with seas running from the south we felt it would be a good first dive and then go onto Magic Point after that.  As I hit the water my occy free flowed and I lost almost 25 bar from my main tank.  I knew this would be OK for the dive but I would need to finish my deco on my pony or the deco tank.  We had anchored fine, just off the wreck. A simple swim across with the anchor to secure it and off we went.  The wreck, like most is covered in fish.  Nanniegai are most prominent but also groper, pike and cuttles.  I found a lovely young wobbie resting in a part of the ship behind the boiler.  We also found a newish anchor so hooked it up to ours.  We like to collect the chain.  The viz was really good and at 18oC the water pleasant as well.  After 19 mins on the wreck we had to leave.  We put enough air in the left bag to keep the anchors off the wreck and made sure they were clear of the wreck before we had ascended out of view.  A 22 min deco stop and back into the boat, to find that the anchor was stuck fast.  Repeated attempts to free it using the boat failed.  Only one thing to do.  Wayne had to go back down to free it.  What had happened is that the anchor we had found had dropped into a gap in the wreck and was not about to come out.  Wayne was able to free it and managed to get back to the surface with not too much of a penalty but not a lot of air left either.

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