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After a fantastic dive on the Tug we hooked onto Jibbon for a cuppa.  We hauled up beside Sea John for a chat before heading back out to Middle Ground.  We reckoned that the dirty water down to 20m that we had seen on the Tug would be same across the bay so a deeper dive was a better option.  At 30m on the sand Middle Ground was the choice.  We anchored on the NE end of the reef, which was lucky as the wind was coming up and threatening to drag the boat away to the south.  Viz was fantastic, we followed a number of the crevices south then headed up and over the top of the reef before coming back up to the anchor.  At one point we were buzzed by a seal but it did not hang around.  As we lifted the anchor and drifted away we could clearly see the whole of the reef.  WOW!!




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