Middle Ground 08-11-08
  ON a cloudy and overcast  Saturday November 8, 2008 we head out from Wally's wharf out to do 3 dives.  The first is Middle Ground.  This gets down to 33m on the sand and is a great reef, one of a number than span across the bay.  The top of the reef is at around 28m so this is dive for advanced divers.  We have dived it a number of times and it has been good every time.  PJs are still around but only a few stragglers and we found one of them here.  We also found s devilfish that was well out from it's hole but quickly swam back under the rocks as we approached.  We did this dive on 30% Nitrox and had 23 mins bottom time.
[Middle Ground 08-11-08]
[Middle Ground 28-02-09]
[Middle Ground 03-03-07]
[Middle Ground 18-09-10]
[Middle Ground 05-07-08]
[Middle Ground 12-11-11]





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