Middle Ground 05-07-08
We had thought that there was a chance to get out to the Tug or Undola but seas were up a bit.  Pizza reef was the choice but there was a fisher right were we wanted to set anchor.  so we headed across to Middle Ground.  Conditions were great - I had a weedie sea dragon as soon as we bottomed and another a few minutes later.  Lots of schooling yellowtail, 2 PJs and a small wobbiegong.  Lots of old wives and mowong, bullseye and plenty more.  This is a great dive site, and worht doing regularly.
Middle Ground 08-11-08
Middle Ground 28-02-09
Middle Ground 03-03-07
Middle Ground 18-09-10
Middle Ground 05-07-08
Middle Ground 12-11-11




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