Middle Ground 18-09-10


 This was our second dive on a very ordinary dive.  September 18, 2010 had seen some of the biggest seas for quite a while.  But Middle Ground is in the middle of Bate Bay.  We felt that the large swell would roll straight over the top of the reef so conditions would be good.

We hit the bottom at 33m and it was a bit surgy but not too bad.  We looked around, found a small PJ nearby and took some pics of it.  The surge was getting worse and even though we were only 8m from the anchor I headed back to the anchor.  As I was floating beside the anchor the bottom started to stir up and in a few seconds I was in an underwater sand storm.  It was a total white out.  I managed to grab the anchor chain and we bailed out as quickly and safely as we could.  The only bonus was a seal that swam around us for a few minutes during our safety stop.