Gordons Bay 29-03-09
Gordons Bay 15-02-06
Gordons Bay 29-03-09


 Sunday and Jenny and I are looking for a dive.  Afternoon is better after low tide.  I thought we'd jump into Gordo's as Jenny has not dived there.  When we arrive we find that a significant part of the car park has been fenced off.  We are lucky to get a park close to the walkway down and having geared up we venture down.  The tide is still way out so it's a scramble over the rocks to get into water where we can put or fins in.  Intending to follow the nature trail we find the first marker in quite clear water.  Heading out and down over the wall the chain is easy to find.  But as it heads across the sandy slope it disappears and we can no longer find it.  I head more east, looking to pick up the rocks that are in the middle of the bay.  This we do and find some interesting critters including a pygmy leatherjacket.  We come across the chain again and follow it deeper.  This is of course the other end of the chain and there is evidence of recent work being carried out.  At 11m the water changes to pea soup and viz is almost zero.  We turn there, not wishing to go any further in such poor conditions.  Following the chain all the way back to the start.

Sadly, Gordo's seems to have lost a lot of it's appeal.  Either that or I am more spoilt by other sites.