Gordons Bay 15-02-06
Gordons Bay 15-02-06
Gordons Bay 29-03-09


My friend Sue hadn't dived for a while and was keen to get wet so late in the afternoon we headed to Gordo's.  when we hit the water it was really dusk.  Sea was quite flat, and great viz on an incoming tide.  We settled onto the sand while got her buoyancy right then we headed along the chain to the East.  Over the wall and into deeper waters we rounded boulders at 13m, then headed more west to pick up the wall.  I was diving for the first time with my Aquasea dive light.  (This is a 50W halogen with 4.5Ah battery pack).  I was really impressed with the light.  The battery pack  clips to my BCD and the light head is perfectly neutrally buoyant with the attached clip.  A nice easy 45 minute dive at dusk with plenty of fish life to see.  I believe Gordo's is under rated - but like most dive sites, you have to dive to the site and Gordos at dusk is quite amazing.

stingaree on the sand


rock cod

well camoflagued

a numbray

the same numbray


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