Osboune Shoals 17-04-10


 Our third dive dive for the day.  After Shiprock we had a cuppa and some Chocolate, then headed back out.  On single tanks this time we dropped down to find the anchor on  the NE end of the reef,  close to the cave.  There were stripeys everywhere - more than I have seen in schools before.  Groper were also plentiful, pike and yellowtail, bullseye and leatherjacket.  We headed back around the N end and across to the West side of the reef.  Here are large bare boulders and interesting crevices within the rocks.  We found an anchor there - Wayne later told me it was $200 worth so it was worth collecting and bringing back.  We saw two weedie sea dragons as well.  This is a lovely dive site and at depths under 20m that are suitable for all divers.