Osbourne Shoals 18-11-06
  Our second dive on November 18, 2006 was a bit of let down.  We anchored above the wall on the North East end of the shoals.  At the bottom it was surgy and the viz was not that good.  We headed left from the anchor finding 2 adult PJs in a small cave on the drop off.  There was not that much fish life around and after Barrons Hut we felt a bit let down.  We kept heading on until the wall disappeared amongst scattered rocks and the depth started to shallow to 11m.  Then we returned the way we had come, unhooked the front anchor and up we went.  The seas has become rough since we went down and we had to move the back anchor to the front of the boat and drive over it to get it free.  Dive 275.
Osbourne Shoals 22-08-09
Osbourne Shoals Sth 07-11-09
Osbourne Shoals 13-11-10
Osbourne Shoals 18-11-06
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Osbourne Shoals 25-09-10
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Osbourne Shoals 28-01-12
Osbourne Shoals 07-07-12
Osbourne Shoals 05-01-13
Osbourne Shoals 13-07-13


Adult PJ

adult PJ

small schoold

bullseye in silhouette


rock cod




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