Osbourne Shoals 02-05-09
Osbourne Shoals 22-08-09
Osbourne Shoals Sth 07-11-09
Osbourne Shoals 13-11-10
Osbourne Shoals 18-11-06
Osboune Shoals 17-04-10
Osbourne Shoals 25-09-10
Osbourne Shoals 29-05-10
Osbourne Shoals 02-05-09
Osbourne Shoals 27-08-11
Osbourne Shoals 24-12-11
Osbourne Shoals 28-01-12
Osbourne Shoals 07-07-12
Osbourne Shoals 05-01-13
Osbourne Shoals 13-07-13


After Barrens we were looking for a second dive in Bate Bay.  After checking out a few different locations and finding the seas too rough Wayne thought  of Osbourne shoals which is further inside the bay.  This was also Wayne's 500th dive so a very important milestone.  We had anchored at the North end of the reef.  Our first stop was the cave/overhang at the end.  I took the obligatory 500th dive pics then explored the cave.  This has the most colourful sponge gardens with prolific range of bright colours.  Schools of bullseye hung between the cracks under the cave.  We headed west around the reef, finding lots of fish including old wives, various types of wrasse and groper.  Wayne found a small spider balled up on a rock.  It had coloured bands at each leg segment.  Too soon our deco limit approached.  We took a quick look at the east side which upon reading up is the most interesting part of the reef.  This one we will come back to.  And at 19.5m on the sand it is within the range of open water divers (well technically the sand line isn't but the interesting parts are).