Barrens Hut 20-07-13
Barrons Hut 31-12-05
Barrons Hut 3-10-05
Barrons Hut 14-1-06
Barrons Hut 6-5-06
Barrons Hut 08-07-06
Barrons Hut 18-11-06
Barrons Hut 23-12-06
Barrons Hut 20-01-07
Barrons Hut 03-02-07
Barrons Hut 17-03-07
Barrons Hut 15-09-07
Barrons Hut 29-09-07
Barrons Hut 01-12-07
Barrons Hut 12-01-08
Barrons Hut 16-03-08
Barrens Hut 05-07-08
Barrens Hut 14-09-08
Barrens Hut 27-12-08
Barrens Hut 28-02-09
Barrens Hut 02-05-09
Barrens Hut 27-02-10
Barrens Hut 18-09-10
Barrens Hut 12-03-11
The Split 21-05-11
Barrens Hut 02-07-11
Barrens Hut 30-07-11
Barrens Hut 03-12-11
Barrens Hut 24-12-11
The Split 14-01-12
Barrens Hut 28-07-12
Barrens Hut 12-01-13
Barrens Hut 13-07-13
Barrens Hut 20-07-13
Barrens Hut 08-02-14
Barrens Hut 15-11-14
The Split 10-01-15


 After a great dive at Marley and a surface interval with the other 2 boats we headed out to Barrens Hut.  The other boats had dived Barrens and given us good reports.  Shane had not dived Barrens.

We anchored at the split as always and headed through the various swim throughs and up the chimney.  Viz was good but not as much fish as I have seen at Barrens.  Still a good dive.  At the end  Wayne picked up a rock and tried to tie it to the anchor. He couldn't so I carried it up. All was good until he wanted me to hand it over to him at 5m and I lost buoyancy and upside down I hit the surface.  I also lost a 2lb weight from one of my top pockets leaving me slightly underweighted.

Still a good dive.



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