Barrons Hut 16-03-08
Barrons Hut 31-12-05
Barrons Hut 3-10-05
Barrons Hut 14-1-06
Barrons Hut 6-5-06
Barrons Hut 08-07-06
Barrons Hut 18-11-06
Barrons Hut 23-12-06
Barrons Hut 20-01-07
Barrons Hut 03-02-07
Barrons Hut 17-03-07
Barrons Hut 15-09-07
Barrons Hut 29-09-07
Barrons Hut 01-12-07
Barrons Hut 12-01-08
Barrons Hut 16-03-08
Barrens Hut 05-07-08
Barrens Hut 14-09-08
Barrens Hut 27-12-08
Barrens Hut 28-02-09
Barrens Hut 02-05-09
Barrens Hut 27-02-10
Barrens Hut 18-09-10
Barrens Hut 12-03-11
The Split 21-05-11
Barrens Hut 02-07-11
Barrens Hut 30-07-11
Barrens Hut 03-12-11
Barrens Hut 24-12-11
The Split 14-01-12
Barrens Hut 28-07-12
Barrens Hut 12-01-13
Barrens Hut 13-07-13
Barrens Hut 20-07-13
Barrens Hut 08-02-14
Barrens Hut 15-11-14
The Split 10-01-15



After such wonderful viz on the Undola our second dive for the day was at Barrens.  In near mirror finish seas we headed down, finding the anchor sitting upright on the sand in the split.  We were amazed at the viz, again a good 25m but cold at 15oC.  We headed for the cave and chimney - a must do at Barrens.  I ventured out across the sand the viz was so good I could still see the reef from 20m out.  There were heaps of fish life - all the usual suspects at Barrens.  Leatherjackets of various types, old wives, groper, bullseye, a few different nudies, mowong etc.

Barrens is always a good dive, at 25m  deep we dived it comfortably on 37% Nitrox.  Even after diving the Undola and nearly 2 hour surface interval we were on the bottom for nearly 30 mins without going into deco.


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